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Skin Services

Skin Services:

We are all about the glow over here....

Even just one facial can make a difference!  Get brighter, healthier skin and start glowing! I offer several customized services to help you get a flawless, ageless complexion.  Each treatment starts with a skin analysis to ensure that we are targeting your skin’s specific needs for optimal results.  I have done my research and only use products that I truly believe make a difference in your skin: The JANMARINI product line uses natural and clinically proven ingredients.  I don’t believe in frou-frou facials; I believe in changing and improving your skin.  My services are designed to get results.

Get baby soft skin!

This is a safe and gentle way to exfoliate, stimulate new skin growth and collagen, improve skin tone, and rid your skin of awful peach fuzz with no downtime.  Products are able to penetrate more deeply, and your skin instantly looks healthier and smoother.

After the dermaplane, we will deeply exfoliate with either an organic enzyme (a thick gel that rolls away dead skin cells) or French Gommage (a cream without harsh granules that sticks to dead skin cells and rolls them away as it is massaged off). Then, a collagen or stem cell treaGlow Goddess LLCtment will be applied to lock in moisture on your fresh face.

P.S.  I think this is one of the best treatments you can do to create healthy skin renewal, even better than old school microdermabrasion.  No, your peach fuzz will not grow back thicker and darker!  And yes, it involves a medical grade scalpel, but it’s a very delicate, controlled touch with very light feathering motions and the blade never lifts from your skin so it won’t nick or cut you. 

For a Video Demonstration: 

One Treatment:  $60

Series of 3:  $50 each

Series of 6:  $40 each

Chemical Peels:
My personal favorite!!!
  Peel away the years.  Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.  The circle of health consists of highly effective professional peel treatments customized to specific skin concerns.  I have an entire line of peels to address everything from acne, aging, sun damage, tightening/brightening, to even balancing sensitive skin with rosascea.  Not all “peels” even make your skin peel!  Peels somehow got a bad name--I promise you won’t look like Samantha from Sex in the City!  They are an amazingly quick and effective fix for several skin issues. 

Only $60 to $100 per treatment

Add a dermaplane to increase effectiveness for just $25!

Signature Glow Facial:

Our most lustrous all in one!  Designed to revive and resurface your skin to make it healthy and radiant.  It includes all the essentials:  cleanse, tone, dermaplane, exfoliate (either enzyme or gommage), brows waxed to perfection, and ends with our 99% purely derived collagen treatment and hydrator.

The O2 Lift:
Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals, this anti-aging luxurious facial produces immediate results. The treatment is gentle yet invigorating, ideal for most skin types.  By releasing fresh, healthy skin hidden below layers of old cells, you will instantly feel revitalized.

Eyebrow Wax:
It goes without saying that brows are the biggest thing happening in beauty right now.  I will wax, pluck, and shape your brows to perfection.  I want your brow shape to complement and balance your facial features and make your eyes pop! I carry several different types of wax, including those for sensitive skin.